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We have been manufacturing the Inland 20 for over twenty-five years and we still keeping learning new rigging ideas and better build methods to keep making the boats faster. As you can see the WBW boat is the one you chose to win in. What are some of the advantages of buying a Windward I-20. First, we use top of the line materials in the construction of our boats, biaxial knitted materials, foam core and  the best in resin systems which allow for a much longer competitive life for your boat. Add to this our build experience in foam core construction and you know your boat will be light and fast. What matters in the end is do you want to buy cheap and cut corners? We do not build that way.

We have tried many processes over the years but we have refined what works best and that is what we produce in all of Inland 20's. Our boats win regardless of the latest trend or the hot new material on the market. When you buy a boat you want your new boat to last and our boats last. All of our internals are jigged while in the molds this helps maintain the hull integrity. Others have built boats and slapped it together after the fact out of the mold, do you really want a twisted hull? Remember when you buy a boat its the process of knowing that what you are buying will be fast, hold together and ultimately win for you. This is why our Inland 20's win and continue to win. In the Inland 20 class we are the go to.

Ease of maintenance is an important factor in purchasing a new boat. Why do racers buy gelcoated hulls instead of painted hulls? Because who wants to take their new boat back year after year for paint issues? Not me. The gelcoat finish is still the industry standard with a great resin system backing it up. But why don't you build epoxy boats? The cost is four times that of what a high quality resin goes for now. Yes epoxy boats have been built but if they are superior why don't they win and win all the time? Because they are not faster, they are more upkeep and work for the owner. 

The end of the story is this, if you buy new or used buy the I-20 that will hold its value, that will remain competitive, and that will put you in the winners circle. Do you really want to make the wrong choice? 

What our customers say:

The craftsmanship on Windward boats is unparalleled in today’s market. Each boat is truly handcrafted and a work of art. Windward’s creativity and constant drive to make the next boat the best ever is to be applauded. Windward builds nothing but fast boats that last. – J Bolles

The boat was built to high quality standards, and was equipped in great detail. The boat was easy to rig, stiff in all weather, and always fast. In 10 years with our WBW I-20, we won 3 National Championships, two ILYA Championships, several other regattas, and always felt competitive with this boat. I was crew and had a blast with the sprit and chute: loved the rides! – Jim Brust

We innovated the first self tacking jib system into the class. This makes crew work effortless. It allows the skipper to excute the manuevers far quicker to put you up in the front of the fleet.

Our latest improvement is the forward location spinnaker ratchets. These are ratcheting blocks that flip from side to side allowing a wide angle of trim postions. By placing the blocks forward the crew keeps everything forward and it makes for less turning around in the boat.

More cockpit space for the skipper aft. On light wind days there is way more space for low side hiking or standing in the boat. Added to this is the optional foam flooring which adds traction and comfort for skipper and crew. Working the boat has never been easier to the touch.

The new spinnaker chute makes hoists and douses much easier. One continuous line pulls the chute up and five pulls and it is doused just like that. We have moved that control to the front of the boat which is a huge change for the skipper as he now has the ability to concentrate on those skipper things when rounding the mark.

Our new boats come with foil rudders for added control both upwind and downwind.

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