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We are Inland 20's

The Inland 20 class was started by Windward Boatworks. We have built the boats that have won the Championships, the Invites the club regatta's. Through our years of service to the class we have innovated the boat, to make it faster and easier to sail. We sail the equipment that works so that your experience racing is not one of trying to figure what does or does not work. Our goal is to help make you a better sailor in the process.


Over the years we refined the carbon mast design which we innovated. Our sail designs which we have worked tiressly on match up to your mast and your sailing style without finding out the hardway what again does or does not work. We have been there and figured it out. Along the way there have been some great results, for us and our customers. This is yet the start of even more growth in the evolution of the Inland 20 for the boat and the class. Of course we are the ones that are leading that charge.


  • Over 20 years manufacturing all kinds of sailing craft.
  • Skilled employees that sail and also know how to build boats.
  • The desire to make your I-20 special to your goals and needs.

Need more information?

Please contact us at 608 575-8033. We are ready to make you the fastest Inland 20 on the water.

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